Thank You To All Of The Sponsors Who Have Chosen To Make The Matagorda Slam An Amazing Event.

Just north of San Antonio, at the edge of the Texas Hill Country, sits the small community of Leon Springs. Founded in the 1800s by Max Aue, Leon Spring’s cityscape changed when Max’s son, Rudolph, opened a one-stop gas station, garage, and grocery store.

Since Otto Henze founded the PENN Fishing Tackle Company in 1932, we’ve been at the forefront of modern reel design and production. We pride ourselves on the fact that millions of experienced anglers around the world put their faith in PENN products every day. That’s what inspires us to continue our founder’s dream of manufacturing the world’s highest quality fishing tackle.

Our story is woven within the threads of American authenticity, a passion for the outdoors, and the simple joy of gathering around the fire.

Founded by Roby Burch, Burch Barrel was born from the idea that a grill should do more than just cook food – it should spark connection, fuel creativity, and kindle unforgettable moments.

Ledwig Services

Since 1986, Los Cazadores has been the home for Texas hunters and ranchers. Outdoorsmen from around state and the world have made the trek to South Texas in pursuit of trophy whitetail deer and Los Cazadores has been here to serve them since day one.

The Los Cazadores annual deer contest was first held that year as well and has grown into the world’s largest. We’ve added whitetail shed, turkey and predator contests over the years and our contest has become a true Texas tradition. Like The World’s Largest Deer Contest, our store has grown since 1986 and added services like custom feed, boots and a full-service archery shop. We’ve gotten a lot bigger, but we’ll never forget where we came from and who we are: hunters and ranchers serving hunters and ranchers.

We are LyondellBasell – a leader in the global chemical industry creating solutions for everyday sustainable living. Through advanced technology and focused investments, we are enabling a circular and low carbon economy.

Across all we do, we aim to unlock value for our customers, investors and society. As one of the world’s largest producers of polymers and a leader in polyolefin technologies, we develop, manufacture and market high-quality and innovative products for applications ranging from sustainable transportation and food safety to clean water and quality healthcare.

Buddy’s Seafood is a one stop shop for fresh seafood and bait in Matagorda and Surf and Turf at the Matagorda Bay.
McCoy’s Building Supply strives to make a difference in the areas where we work and live. As a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated business, we are honored to contribute to large and small organizations that matter to our communities. We believe our communities will continue to grow and flourish through donations of building materials, financial contributions, and time.
Keystone Roofing & Construction was formed in 2012 by Cody Felts. Cody worked for other roofing companies for years before deciding to go out on his own. Cody is from the Houston area and will be intimately involved with the roof installation from beginning to end. Cody is dedicated to making the customer happy and ensuring that you get a quality roofing installation.
In 1921, by the river of Mörrum in Svängsta, Sweden, Carl August Borgström founded AB Urfabriken. The company manufactured pocket watches, telephone timers and taxi meters. Borgström was a brilliant craftsman with a talent for light precision engineering; skills he had acquired during his years in the Halda watchmaking factory.
We’re the Austin-based burger place where “Quality is Everything!” Since 2007, Mighty Fine Burgers, Fries & Shakes exclusively serves with freshest ingredients available with a side of Texas Hospitality. Mighty Fine has grown to 4 brick and mortar locations and 2 trailers and is Austin owned and operated by Award Winning restaurant group Tc4 & Co. Hospitality.

Phone: 979-318-2701

Physical Address:

1005 Burton St.

Matagorda, TX 77457

Poncho was created todo things differently.

Somewhere along the way, someone decided that fishing shirts should fit like trash bags. They put too much stuff on them and in them. Everyone else followed. We wanted to be different. And better. So we set out on a journey to make our own. Breathable, lightweight and simple. No cargo-short pockets on your chest. No velcro. No jamming every sized person into a single fit. Just a high quality shirt. That fits. In every way. Oh, and we decided to change the way fishing shirts are sold so that we can offer the best product, to all people, at all times, at a remarkable value.

We’ve spent the last 25+ years combined in the outdoor cooking industry, but we cut our teeth (literally) on rib bones and ice-cold pull-top cans on the porch with family and friends. If there’s one thing that rings in our ears from childhood, it’s the voices of our grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends saying, “Pull up a chair and take a seat.” Our best memories, toughest lessons, favorite stories and secret recipes were discovered sitting around tables. Based solely on our experiences, we believe inviting somebody to pull up a chair might just be the simplest way to make the world a better place…and that is something we can all do.


The ADS Waste Disposal System is completely shop assembled and, upon delivery, is ready for installation. It is something that companies and organizations will always have to contend with. Collections of sewage and disposal methods are two services that must be provided to residents and businesses. Quite often, those disposal costs can escalate for businesses. What remains unique about our company is that we sell the equipment and use the dewatering equipment daily.

In 1952, Warren “Pete” Henning returned from a Florida fishing trip with the desire to improve the tackle box. Tired of bulky metal boxes that rusted quickly, Pete set out to create a lighter, rust-proof product that could withstand saltwater fishing trips. His design replaced metal with plastic, which reduced weight while still providing durable, versatile storage. This re-envisioned concept also removed the possibility of rust, since plastic resists water and rust formation.


H-E-B is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with approximately $32 billion in revenue and 117,000+ Partners. Founded in 1905, H-E-B operates more than 400 stores in a number of formats, including superstores, supermarkets and gourmet markets. H-E-B is the #1 food retailer in the Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi and Rio Grande Valley markets. Our company is the largest private company in Texas and one of the 15 largest privately held companies in the U.S.

Our employees are called Partners. That’s because we work together to build our company and create a sense of community here in Texas.

Working here is more than a job. It’s a chance work with many great people and blaze an exciting career path.

Custom gold and silver outdoor related jewelry. Antique fishing tackle and antiques. At the Antique Center of Texas 9950 Hempstead rd Houston, TX

Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. is a U.S.-based leader in firearm manufacturing and design, delivering a broad portfolio of quality firearms, related products, and training to the U.S. consumer and law enforcement markets, as well as global military and law enforcement customers.
Roots and Spores Coffee was born out of a deep-rooted passion for crafting coffee in traditional ways. With the support of shop owners, friends, and an unwavering drive, we set out to create something special. From working at surf shops to traveling the states and meeting new people, one thing remained constant – our love for coffee. Our mission is to share an exceptional experience, tell a captivating story, and bring people together. We are committed to supporting local businesses, promoting sustainable, brewing with mineral-rich water, and serving specialty coffee.
Serving up deliciously fruity, creamy and bubbly treats, free of any artificial sweeteners. GoodPop makes it easier for you to choose snacks that align with a happier, healthier life.
The Filletzall® blade is designed to fit all reciprocating saws. Cuts quickly and cleanly for perfect fillets or steaks of ANY fish.
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