2024 Matagorda Slam Cook Off Rules and Regulations


  • • Team entry fee is $100 per team. Team entry will be limited to 25 teams.
    • o Each team will receive 4 Access Arm Bands that will get you access to all areas of the event (EXCEPT VIP AREAS). Each team member is required to have an armband at all times.
  • • Each team will provide seasoning, corn and potatoes to cook and serve for the event participants throughout the event from 2 to 9pm (all teams must cook for the duration of the event). Each team will be provided crawfish to cook for the event and also receive a sack of crawfish to use for their contest turn-in and use any seasoning you like. Teams may bring any protein items including sausage or shrimp to cook in addition, but may not use for turn-in.
  • • Each team will consist of no more than 4 team members. Members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.


  • • Each team will provide a 20’x 20’ Booth space to set up your own tent/trailer and equipment (we will supply water connection only). Additional booth spaces may be purchased for $100 for every 20' x 20' added space. Booths will not have power, but you may bring a generator.
  • • If your team adds a booth space. You will be eligible to turn in an additional box of crawfish to the contest.
  • • Each team will provide their own tables, chairs and equipment (Burners, pots and propane).
  • • Each team will provide spices and veggies (Potatoes, Corn, but teams may also provide other veggies of their choice. but only your crawfish may be turned in for judging.
  • • Each team will be required to have a fire extinguisher (2A;10BC rating)
  • • Propane tanks and fuel tanks shall be in good working order and within code as per federal and state standards and regulations.
  • • Each team must have a hand-washing sink located in the cooking area.
  • • Teams will be supplied with pre-purged/washed crawfish.
  • • Only team members are allowed in tents and cooking areas.

Day of Event

  • • Teams must arrive and be set-up between 10- 12 PM (the event opens to the public from 2 PM to 10 PM). Your first “Batch” of crawfish must be ready by 2PM and teams must cook for the duration of the event until 9PM. The crawfish judging will begin at 6 PM.
  • • All teams will be required to boil between 4-6 sacks of crawfish to include desired veggies.
  • • Teams will serve crawfish to patrons who have a designated armband. Crawfish will be served in containers provided by The Matagorda Slam. No outside serving containers will be allowed. Teams are asked not to serve patrons that do not have a designated armband.
  • • Your “Judge Batch” must be delivered to the judging area by the assigned time given to you upon arrival.
  • • Teams may bring coolers with beverages and food for their personal consumption (items cannot be sold or handed out to the public). Any team that violates this rule will be immediately disqualified from the contest and escorted out by security/the police. Teams must observe all Texas State Laws regarding consuming alcohol.
  • • Each team is responsible for cleaning up their booth area after the cook-off is over. No items can be left behind.
  • • IMPORTANT: Dumping of crawfish pots in cooking and serving areas is strictly prohibited. There will be designated dump stations clearly marked the day of the event. Care must be taken to avoid spills. Crawfish peels should be thrown in garbage bins.


  • Cash prizes for the “Judged” crawfish are:
    • • First Place: $1000
    • • Second Place: $500
    • • Third Place : $200
  • • CROWD FAVORITE PRIZE: We will be doing a crowd favorite prize. Each person who enters the event will be given a ticket to give to their favorite team and we will total the tickets given to each team to determine a winner. This prize will be announced at the end of the contest. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO TURN IN YOUR TICKETS WHEN WE CALL FOR THEM!
  • • We reserve the right to add and update information/rules prior to the event


We will be doing a side pot gumbo contest to be judged in addition to your crawfish. This side pot will be a $25 entry winner-takes-all!

  • • Teams must register online when they register for the crawfish cook-off by April 15th
  • • Teams may cook the gumbo of your choice (seafood, shrimp, chicken and sausage, etc.)
  • • Teams must provide all ingredients for the seafood gumbo contest.
  • • Teams will not be required to feed gumbo to the crowd. But it could help your team to win the CROWD FAVORITE Prize for the Crawfish Contest!

The event is for charity and fun. Competition is great however please keep it friendly and in the spirit, it is intended. For more information contact Wade Bullard at 832-731-1794 (wade@hookspit.com)

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